Live report IC1, Swedish delegation

Day one – Arrival Day

The Järfällagymnasts are part of the international project “From small to great” (FROMSTOG) with five countries involved – Sweden, the Netherlands, Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia. With the support of the EU through Erasmus plus (2020), we will get to know each other better, learn from each other and start joint projects to contribute to the development of gymnastics within each country. The first meeting starts today and Marie Darsenius Obert, Jenny Persson and Pia Bodén have just arrived at the hotel in s ‘ Hertogenbosch, where the gymnastics club Flak with 2000 gymnasts are located. There will be a meeting in each country during the year. We look forward to four fun and intense days here in the Netherlands!

Day two – Welcome’s Day

Day two in Holland – what a program! We have seen the fantastic hall of the association Flik-Flak in four floors. We have met InnoSportLab, innovation center for artistic gymnastics at national team level located in the building – among other things, they have invented a program that measures if you really hold a position in rings at least two seconds (for judges) and a meter to put on the ropes that flex men’s rails measuring if the lines are exactly right for each gymnast’s ideal performance. Impressive professional! We have also met Holland’s technical manager of the national team in male and female AG and discussed conditions and differences between countries. We have also heard more about the other participating clubs – exciting mix between national team level and broken gear after the war. Such developing and inspiring meetings! Now just dinner and bowling.

Day three – Conference Day

Day three in Holland and the project From Small to Great with a club from Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia, Holland and so Sweden through the Järfälla gymnasterna. We three Swedes, Pia Boden, Jenny Persson and I (Marie Darsenius Obert) gave a presentation on Swedish sport, Swedish gymnastics and Järfälla gymnasterna. We also presented troop gymnastics/ Teamgym and Aerobic Gymnastics. Very much interest in our system, our society (with so much ideal work) and our values. Wonderful to hear coaches from different countries who all have the same view of children’s training – human first, gymnast then, the joy in the center, even among the coaches who are at national team level. In the evening – Carnival in town, so much party atmosphere and happy people!

Day four – Evaluation Day

Day 4 (and 5!!) by From Small to Great in Holland, a project supported by EU / Erasmus plus! The day consisted of discussions on how we train gymnasts so that they can reach the top with good physical and mental health, happy and with an inner drive. We have also made plans for the next four meetings in Bosnia, Croatia, Sweden and Slovenia (in that order). Given the history of the former Yugoslav countries, this is largely a peace project! Sunday ended with canceled flight due to the wind, one night at a hotel in Schiphol and home trip only today (Monday). Back home full of inspiration, joy to have found like-minded at incredibly high level and new friends!