Gymnastics club Tuzla

History of Gymnastics club Tuzla in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Gymnastics club „Tuzla” from City of Tuzla in Bosnia and Hezegovina is non-profit and sports organization dating back to in 1904. year when establishing the first Gombolaško Society (Gymnastic Society). Gymnastics in Tuzla is the oldest sport that has a centuries-old tradition. In the first high school of Tuzla in 1899. year as a regular subject.

Let us introduce you to the gym oldest sport in the City of Tuzla with a tradition of more than 110 years, as evidenced by written records from that time as well as some surviving images that we only possess in its rich sports archives.

The above gymnastics as one of the most beautiful and oldest spots was extremely developed in our city, as evidenced by numerous awards from many major Ex – Yugoslavia competitions. A group of young enthusiasts’ former gymnasts and fans of this sport after the end of the War time in Bosnia in 1995 we did not allow that this sport went into oblivion.

Even during the worst war period in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1992 to 1995, our children of all nationalities (Serbs, Croats, Muslims Bosniaks and others) were trained on a daily basis while a shell blast destroyed everything we had.

Neglect authority on sports and current service penury throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tuzla is brought into the province from which children and young people unfortunately go into the world. Sport brought to the lowest possible level which became an issue of honour and dignity of the citizens of this city. With all due respect, in the context of the Tuzla brought into smaller communities around Tuzla. From these questions can no amnesty from responsibility.

The city in 1985 made big gymnastics competition in sport complex Mejdan which today is in a very neglected state. At that time the hall has had a set of gymnastic apparatus that I arrived in our city that year for the championship of the former Yugoslavia in gymnastics and friendly meeting Yugoslavia – Austria.

Part of those equipment that are not destroyed during the war time. Director of sports complex Mejdan was call us to use this equipment 14.09.2002 without any material compensation. That equipment today after 40 years in largely dangerous for children that we work with.

During the WAR TIME IN BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA the team gymnastic mats there were refugees from Srebrenica, Bratunac, Vlasenica who were located in the sports hall and Mejdan about 3 years. Refugees from their villages have slept on this equipment for more than three yearsSo that the mat cracked and unpleasant smell no matter how we tried to clean them.

Today, the tradition of the sport of gymnastics and continuity in this territory continues Gymnastic Club Tuzla, which has about 350 children mostly girls and boys younger age groups of all nationalities that exist in Tuzla. 

Even in the summer time our children born in Bosnia refugees from Srebrenica and other cities come from USA, Canada, Finland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, etc.

The conditions in which we work are inappropriate because the number of children working in the hall, which is of approximately 200 m2. In less than a few years of the club two girls are, for the first time, presented one gymnastic club from Bosnia and Herzegovina in an international competition in Croatia and Slovenia. Our girls were as good as the girls from neighbouring countries who train much longer and are in much better condition.

It happens to us in the competitions that the children are afraid of new devices and they do not want to compete when they see a device that we do not have in his club because we are forced to improvise (show videos, pictures, etc.) To children learning about appearance devices on which to compete. We are on track to once again return to gymnastics to the place where we objectively belong.