Invitational Conference IC1 ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NED)

Right now we are very busy preparing for our first Invitational Conference (IC1) in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands). The main objectives of IC1 will be;  to get to know each other, give an update on gymnastics in our country and to formulate questions and topics for the next conferences. And how lucky are we: it is also the start of Carnaval, so a festive opening of the FROMSTOG project is granted!

In January we went to Brussels for the Erasmus+ Info Day. Got information about administrative issues, financial issues and dissemination of project results. From every each of the 150 granted projects there was one 1 person present. It was fun to meet all these sports minded people, very inspirational!

In the meantime we found some interesting and inspiring speakers for IC1 who are going to share their view on the phenomenon of ‘small countries with high ambitions’. The program will contain items like: club management, federal structures, sport medical issues, innovation and good practices that can be useful for other countries.    

In the Netherland the interest for this topic is growing and it seems like more and more people are aware of this phenomenon. It’s not so obvious that small countries have very high results in sports. If you want ‘to be great’, you must cope with situations in a certain way. We look forward to discuss these manners in the upcoming IC1 with all of our friends!